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NICOLAE DARDAC, IUSTINA ALINA BOITAN Statistical Models for Monitoring the Likelihood of Credit Portfolio Impairment


GHEORGHE RUXANDA, SMARANDA STOENESCU Bivariate  and Multivariate Cointegration and Their Application  in Stock Markets


I. TALPOS, B. DIMA, M. MUTASCU, C. ENACHE Empirical Evidences for the Budget Deficits Cointegration in the Old European Union Members: Are There Any Interlinkages in  Fiscal Policies ?


DANIELA MARINESCU, DUMITRU MARIN The Influence of the Absolute Risk Aversion Coefficient on Choosing the Optimal Portfolio


IONEL  SINESCU, CALIN  CHIBELEAN, CRISTIAN  SURCEL, MARIA VIORICA STEFANESCU, MASSIMILIANO FERRARA Principal  Component Analysis and Classification with Applications in Medicine


ION LUNGU, MARIA TEREZA PAZIENZA,  A. TUDORACHE Organic Topic Recognition in Online Documents


A. COSTEA,  T. EKLUND,  J. KARLSSON,  V. VOINEAGU Financial Performance Analysis of Scandinavian Telecommunication Companies Using Statistical and Neural Network Techniques


TATIANA CORINA DOSESCU,CONSTANTIN RAISCHI The Econometric Modeling of a System of Three Random Variables with the β Dependence


MARCEL STOICA, IOAN FRASINEANU, MARIANE YARKONI Comparison between Romania and Israel Using Specific Economic Indexes



IULIAN VIOREL BRASOVEANU, LAURA OBREJA BRASOVEANU Correlation between Corruption and Tax Revenues in EU 27 . Acknowldgment


DANIEL ARMEANU, LEONARD LACHE The NPV Criterion for Valuing Investments under Uncertainty


CRISTINCA FULGA, SILVIA DEDU, FLORENTIN SERBAN Portfolio Optimization with Prior Stock Selection


RADU LUPU, IULIA LUPU Contagion across Central and Eastern European Stock Markets: A Dynamic Conditional Correlation Test


MARIUS GIUCLEA, COSTIN CIPRIAN POPESCU On Statistical Pattern with Fuzzy Data


AMIR ABBAS NAJAFI, NIMA ESFANDIARI, FATEMEH AZIMI Maximizing the Net Present Value of a Project under Inflationary Conditions


GRZEGORZ MICHALSKI Inventory Management Optimization as Part of Operational Risk Management