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EMIL SCARLAT, MARCEL BOLOS, IOANA POPOVICI Agent-Based Modeling in Decision-Making for Project Financing


DORIN ZAHARIE, IRINA PUGNA, CRISTINA RADULESCU An Ontology – Based Conceptual Design of a Data Warehouse


ALVYDAS BALEŽENTIS, TOMAS BALEŽENTISAn Innovative Multi-Criteria Supplier Selection Based on Two- Tuple MULTIMOORA and Hybrid Data


DANIELA MARINESCU, DUMITRU MARIN Adverse Selection with Bi-Dimensional Asymmetric Information and Generalized Cost Function


IRINA DRAGAN, ALEXANDRU ISAIC – MANIU Characterizing the Frequency of Earthquake Incidence in Romania


IOANTALPOS, B. DIMA, AL. CR¬ŞNEAC, M. MUTASCU Fiscal Decentralization and Tax Competition in the EU Member States


OANA PREDESCU, STELIAN STANCU Value at Risk Estimation Using GARCH-Type Models


F. SERBAN, VIORICA STEFANESCU, MASSIMILIANO FERRARA Portfolio Optimization and Building of Its Efficient Frontier


CAMELIA DELCEA, CECILIA SIMION The Incidence of Bankruptcy’s Syndrome on Firm’s Current Situation and Future Evolution


JOS… M. MERIG”, ANNA M. GIL-LAFUENTE OWA Operators in Human Resource Management


PARHAM AZIMI, MEHRAN ALIDOOST A Heuristic Approach for Optimizing a Multiple-Load Automated Guided Vehicle System in an Integrated Flexible Manufacturing System



R. B. DASTJERDI, N. K. NAJAFABADI, M. D. ARDAKANI Solving Ramsey Model of Optimal Growth Using Genetic Algorithm for Undergraduates


Yi-HAO LAI, KUAN-MIN WANG, TZU-WEI CHEN The Asymmetric Dependence Structure between Oil and StockPrices


VELI YILANCI, ŞEREF BOZOKLU Symmetric and Asymmetric Nonlinear Dynamics in Real Interest Rate Parity