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The journal of ECONOMIC COMPUTATION AND ECONOMIC CYBERNETICS STUDIES AND RESEARCH was established in 1966 to publish  original high-quality papers in the field of mathematical modelling of economic phenomena and processes, operations research, mathematical programming, games theory, marketing, methods and techniques of statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, expert systems, neuronal networks, software instruments for modelling and analysing the economic phenomena etc.


Manuscripts must be written in good English. Contributions are accepted for review with the understanding that the same paper has not been published elsewhere.


Each submission is peer-reviewed by at least two referees; usually a review process takes about 6 months to be completed. As a result of the technical review process, a manuscript may be accepted without change, recommended for modification and further review, or rejected.

Manuscript formatting requirements

Manuscripts should be submitted by email as a single attachment to the Editor-in-chief of the journal, to the following   email:  .


The paper should be edited as Microsoft Word document (.docx) based on the following Word template (updated 17.04.2024).

All manuscripts must be prepared according to the following guidelines:

All submissions must be in Microsoft word format, A4 paper format, single column documents, with page set up: top 5 cm, bottom 5 cm, left 4 cm, right 4 cm, single interline spacing, using 11 point type in Times New Roman.


The paper should include:

Author (s) name and affiliation, address, email of the corresponding author.

An abstract of about 150 words, clearly stating the significance of the paper and about 5-8 key words should be provided below the abstract. Key words should express the precise content of the manuscript as they are used for indexing purposes. The abstract must not include mathematical expressions or bibliographic references.

References should be listed in a separate bibliography, at the end of the paper, referred to by numbers in square brackets and listed in alphabetical order.

Journal references should be listed as follows:

[1] Donaldson, W.A. (1977). ďInventory replenishment policy for a linear trend in demandĒ. Operations Research, 28, 663-670.

In the text, where the authorís name appears, the data should follow in parentheses, e. g., Ruxanda (2006).


Papers should not be longer than 16 pages, including all references, tables, figures etc.


Authors must provide high quality artwork for all illustrations. Poor definition reproductions are not suitable. Tables and figures should be numbered separately. Each table and figure should be given a title.

Submission information

Economic Computation and Economic Cybernetics Studies and Research is published by the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, Romania. The journal is published 4 issues per year (30th March, 30th June, 30th September, 30th December).

Subscription for the both volumes per year is of 20 Euro outside of Romania, including delivery of the print journals to the recipientís address.


Price of one volume is of 10 Euro outside Romania.

Back and missing issues are available upon request from publisher.

Printed issues are delivered by surface mail.

Claims for missing issues are accepted within 6 months from publication date.

Editorial Review Process:

To complete the double-blind review process it takes approximately one year, due to the increased number of articles. Once that process is complete, the contact author will receive an email indicating whether the paper has been:

1)    accepted for publication without change;

2)    provisionally accepted for publication pending certain changes;

3)    rejected for publication.


Editorial Review Process: Our reviewers will evaluate the submitted articles according to the following criteria:




          linguistic quality

          scientific significance

          relevance to our journal

Disclaimer on Template Change and Manuscript Adjustments

Please be advised that the ECECSR Journal has recently transitioned its manuscript template from American English to British English standards to better align with our editorial preferences and audience expectations. As a result of this change, manuscripts previously prepared under the American English template have undergone minor grammatical adjustments to ensure consistency with British English conventions.

These adjustments primarily pertain to spelling, punctuation, and certain grammatical structures, with the intent to maintain the original meaning and scientific integrity of each manuscript. Authors whose manuscripts have been affected by these changes have been notified, and we have endeavored to make these transitions as seamless as possible.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our authors and readers during this transition period. Our commitment to publishing high-quality scientific research remains our top priority, and we believe these template adjustments will further enhance the clarity and readability of articles published in the ECECSR Journal.