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ION GH. ROŞCA, GEORGE MOLDOVEANU         Management in Turbulent  Conditions


ROBERT SOVA, ANAMARIA SOVA, ION STANCU Trade Flows between the Core and the New Peripheral  European Union Areas


ION SMEUREANU, DUMITRU FANACHE The Parallel Methods for Evaluating a Stochastic Equation


GHEORGHE RUXANDA Supervised Pattern Recognition with Potential Functions Method


EMIL SCARLAT, IULIA MARIES Increasing Collective Intelligence within Organizations Based on Trust and Reputation Models


MARIAN STOICA, BOGDAN GHILIC – MICU Virtual Organization – Cybernetic Economic System.  Modeling Partner Selection Process


MARIN ANDREICA, DAN NICOLAE, M. ANDREICA, L. TODOR Working out Forecasts on the Basis of Statistical Extrapolation  Principle


IOAN TALPOS, BOGDAN DIMA, MIHAI MUTASCU, C. ENACHE Empirical Evidences for the Budget Deficits Co-integration in the Old European Union Members: Are There Any Interlinkages  in Fiscal Policies ? (Part One)


R. GHEORGHIU, A. CURAJ, M. PAUNICA, C. HOLEAB Web 2.0 and the Emergence of Future Oriented Communities


IULIAN MIRCEA, MIHAELA COVRIG, DAN CECHIN – CRISTA Some Approximations Used in the Risk Process of Insurance Company


ANGELICA BACESCU – CARBUNARU Aspects of Analyzing the Influence of International Economic Relations upon the Macroeconomic Equilibrium


ANDREEA STOIAN, EMILIA CAMPEANU Investigating Causality between International Trade Inflows and Outflows: Romania’ s Case. Acknowledgements


LOREDANA MOCEAN, MONICA CIACA, HALIM KHELALFA A Formal Model for Implementation of OR Parallelism