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DUMITRU MIRON, ALINA MIHAELA DIMA, CRISTIAN PAUN-A Model for Assessing Romania’s Real Convergence, Based Upon Distances and Clusters Methods


NICOLAE DARDAC, BOGDAN MOINESCU The Third Wave of the Financial Crisis and Its Ripple Effects on The Deterioration Risk of Romanian Banking Sector’s Performance


DANIELA MARINESCU, DUMITRU MARIN Risk and Uncertainty: Analyzing the Income and Substitution Effects


CONSTANTIN MITRUT, DANIELA-LUMINITA CONSTANTIN Quantitative and Qualitative Dimensions of Tourism Contribution to Regional Development in Romania. The Case of Cultural Tourism


ION DOBRE, ADRIANA ALEXANDRU Estimating the Size of the Shadow  Economy in Japan: A Structural Model with Latent Variables


RADU SERBAN, DANIELA TODOSE, RADU. R. SERBAN Algorithm with Random Character for Nonlinear Optimization


I. PURCARU, G. BEGANU, F. ALEXANDRU, I. VERBONCU Interdependence and Diversity Measures for a Joint Ecosystem with Applications in Systems Management


T. ANDREI, S. STANCU, MONICA NEDELCU, ANI MATEI  Econometric Models Used for the Corruption Analysis


I. LUNGU, M. VELICANU, A. BARA, V. DIACONITA, I. BOTHA - Portal Based System Integration – Foundation for Decision Support


LILIANA  SPIRCU, T. SPIRCU, C. ALBU, MIHAELA  BUJOR - Descriptive and Multidimensional Indicators for Ordering Educational Offers


CAMELIA RATIU – SUCIU - Mathematical Interdependences in Managerial Decision-Making for Business Development


MARIA CARACOTA-DIMITRIU, OLGA TERPEZAN  The Importance of Market Risk Measurement of Traded Instruments in the Banking Risk Management


TATIANA MOSTEANU, ANDREEA SEMENESCU An Alternative Methodology of Analyzing Public Investments Efficiency


G. SABAU, M. MUNTEAN, A. BOLOGA, R. BOLOGA  Analysis of Integrated Software Solutions Market for Romanian Higher Education


CRISTINA TRIANDAFIL, P. BREZEANU, C. HUIDUMAC Empirical Perspective on Corporate Default Risk  at Industry Level. Case-Study on Companies Listed on Romanian Stock Exchange


OANA CALAVREZO, FLORENT SARI Spatial Mismatch and Neighborhood Effects: An Econometric Analysis of Unemployment-to-Work Transitions

Book Review: “Gauss’ Bell Rings Forever